WSU Art Museum: Jacob Granneman

I chose this piece because I feel it exemplifies the style I hope to create. It is old in it’s medieval style, but it is also displayed in a plain modern-esque fashion. I find the very angular thin portions of the letters fit the geometric portion of my intended style. In contrast, the curved scrolly-like portions of the letters is far more organic and natural. This fits the modernism vs. faith type of approach I hope to display.

I definitely think my design will be

This piece was done in correlation with other pieces containing words rhyming with “News.” Unfortunately, I did not acquire the author’s name.

influenced by the techniques employed in this typeface. I too, want to have angular letters that give way to ascenders and descenders that curve or appear more organic. I will achieve this through thinner letters, and will most likely be inspired by the thinner parts of the “News” letters.

My hope is to combine attributes of modern typefaces, such as Helvetica, Futura, Avenir, and Raleway, with the more traditional, almost medieval style of typefaces like that of the “News” piece. Hopefully, they will meld well, similar to the combinations of thin/thick and angular/curved in this example. Ultimately, I expect to end with a typeface the feels new, but has elements of older, legendary fonts.



About Jacob Granneman

Jacob has been the Multimedia Editor for The Clark College Independent. He is also an improvisational actor and enjoys all forms of writing and videography. Find more of his work at or at
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