Type anatomy: Caleb McEnderfer

This is one side of the sides of a Confederate money created by the author Ed Carver. The photo was taken by Caleb McEnderfer.

This confederate currency uses multiple fonts, but this side only has one font and it is quite large comparing to the other side.  This typeface is uppercase and the serifs do not dip below the baseline as you can see the bottom of the ‘V’ aligns with the deepest parts of the serifs of the other three letters. The hight of the letters all aline at the cap height to create symmetry and I believe was intended to aline because each of these letters does not have any descenders or ascenders.

The curves along the serifs and terminals create organic shapes that follow the same patterns. The ‘F’ and ‘E’ follow the same pattern on the upper and lower terminals and create the same curved shape. Most of the lines are straight, besides the terminals and serifs, which gives it the organic look.  The set width of all the letters are all the same except for the ‘V’ has one compressed line comparing to the other letters.

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