Type Anatomy: Amanda Harle

In the selected text, I believe that it has the visual presence it does because of its presentation of a poem. I’m unsure exactly what it is because of the different language, but the text is written in an italic serif scripted font (the typeface also pairs nicely with the floral design on the top right corner). Each uppercase letter has a “fancy” added line to the script-like text that is a part of the baseline each uppercase letter. Also, the lower caseletters have an ascender and descendeder that falls just short above and below the cap height of each uppercase. Since the letters are categorized as a serif, they have a consistent look and flow to each word and has a delicate apperance with the script/italic feeling of each letter formed into a word. I want to say that this text is material based, by the feeling of the branches/thrones of the flowers. If the text is indeed a poem, it gives more of a texture in the words individually giving the poem more of a visual to the reader.

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DTC 355, Spring 2017 Semester.
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