Form storming: Jocelyn Urias

The work of Gee’s bend woman are really good examples of formstorming because all the quilts have different shapes and coors that puts you to think really deep into the really meaning and background of the quilt. They kind of tease out ideas and options that go beyond the familiar. They were made in a really random way and so out of nowhere that is harder to understand and it really puts you to stare longer to the quilts. It usually takes synthesis, revision, and discipline that in this case of quilts, is not like that, this ones are unexpected and deeply into the creative investment.

H variation. “Milky Way” by Nettie Young

This quilt represents rhythm and balance because there is almost the same pattern invert side of the H, creating a balance of objects and it doesn’t seems awkward or out of place, it looks almost perfect. I can see rhythm here too, it shows in the way of repeating some figures and putting them almost in the same order. I can also see a organic and geometric pattern, because this quilt has pretty much a lot of lines and dots, even though the lines are not perfect, they seem like it, and the dots and big circles represent more into a geometric pattern.

The variation of color is pretty much dispersed but they didn’t use a lot of different ones. I can see red tones, grey, black, a little bit of brown, and a circle that is dark purple. If some of the same colors would have been together a little more, there couldn’t be a balance and we couldn’t distinguish between each shape. There is almost like another H inside of the big one, formed by thin lines and having 2 lines across instead of one. This quilt is the most better looking I have seen because of the organization and straight lines it has.

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