Figure/Ground: Jocelyn Urias Castro

I got this image from Flickr. You can see the rights of this picture if you click here.

Figure/Ground organization is a perceptual category that is a necessity for recognition of objects through an image. This organization can be used for different purposes, for example, I know some psychologists that use this kid of images where they need to identify a figure form the background. This can be used for people with some kind of emotional or daily problems, and based on the answer they give, they can know what alternatives to apply with the results they get about this person. This image represents figure/ground for me, and it is one of the common images people see as an example for this. This image makes this representation more interesting because, I have seen people discussing about what they see and what they believe it represents. I just think this can be related on how people lived their lives and the way how they see things, we are all different and some people might see something in specific and others something totally different. It all fully depends more into the observer more than the item itself. This black and white image gives a illusion of two people facing each other in the color black, but some other people can see a white cup right in the middle. This image have some shape and color perception. I think this image can be practical because it’s actually used by psychologists for their patients. This organization can be used also to help designers and artists to create a 2-D dimension. There are a of different examples for figure/ground where it can be almost impossible for some people to see an object that is basically hiding in the image, but for others can be super easy and quick.

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