Figure/ground: Caleb McEnderfer

This is the famous Kaniza triangle that creates the illusion of the white triangle is in front of the rest of the black elements. Photo: Kanizsa triangle.

Figure and ground can be defined as using positive and negative space to create the illusion of a three-dimensional space. Using Contrast between lighter and darker colors can improve the image or elements to make it look three-dimensional. The connection of lines or dots that can form lines can create a lot of tension visually and makes the image more intriguing.

The photo I chose was the Kaniza triangle because I think it is a great example of figure and ground. By using black and white colors it creates the contrast between the two and makes the black shapes look as if they are in the background. The white triangle that seems to be in front could be defined as an ambiguous figure/ground relationship because it challenges the viewer to distinguish what is in the background and what is in front. By disconnecting the lines and then putting the small triangles in the circles creates the illusion of the triangle. Disconnecting lines can also create tension and can make the image visually intriguing. Positive space is the main focus of the image, in this case, then this would be the white triangle and negative space would be the background, which is the black shapes.

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