Figure/Ground: Bryan Duran

All things exist in interactions with other things. With positive and negative space to things such as music, art etc. As it mentioned in the text that figure/ground is also know as positive and negative space, is a work in all facets of graphic design. Figure ground organization is a type of perceptual grouping which is important to recognizing objects through vision. The relationships help shape visual perception. For instance, a figure (form) is always seen in relation to what surrounds the image. Ground (background) letters to a page, a building to it’s site etc.


This image is an example of Optical Interplay. Image was found online. Illustration and Design by artist Chad Bockes.

The image that I choose would be categorized as Optical Interplay. The image is very eye catching, yet very simple. Easy to look at and it’s pretty cool how the “arrow” is incorporated within the actual words “arrow.” The white background is what helps spell out the words “arrow”, you could say they shape the black foreground to make it seem as they are spelling something. The figure (form) is what appears to be the positive white background and  the arrow shaped space with in the negative space. The ground (foreground) letters spell out the word “Arrow.” When I first saw this image my eyes went directly to the arrow, positive space, I was drawn to how little space it uses, but still has a big strong impact on the the person looking at the image. With images that deal with positive and negative space, sometimes your eyes have to adjust so you are able to see the entire meaning of the image. For instance, some people could automatically been drawn to the negative space. After their eyes had adjusted to the image, then possible been able to see the arrow within the arrow.

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