Figure/Ground: Amanda Harle

Graphic created by Steph Scheerer for Halsey, for her tour, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, last year. 2017.

In “Graphic Design: The New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips, it talks about figure and ground being imperative to visual perception in design. Figure/ground (positive/negative space) creates balance that separates one visual component from another, using this balance also creates contrast that may feel more natural to the view of what they may be accustomed to seeing.

In the graphic that was created by Steph for Halsey’s tour, the first things you see is the contrast between the blue and yellow and the direction of it. The layers begin with the yellow which would help make the poster stand out on the wall but then starts from the top and moves its way to the bottom. The flowers up top and the vines lead you down to the image of Halsey as well as the bolded text of her name, then you move to “World Tour: Installment One” then follow the line of the bullet to lead you to the bottom to the direction of the bullet, which then leads you the the list of special guests and where you can purchase tickets. Lastly, you would look at the grouping of the tour dates that are listed because the viewer would possibly want to see where the tour stops would be at. With the big contrast in color and placement of the different pieces of the poster with the use of white, black, blue, yellow; bolded fonts; they all work well with one another standing out on the background creating a balance within the poster, making it known what the poster is for exactly.

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