Figure/Ground: Abby Larson

Makrina Oikonomidou’s design for Bone-A-Pet-Treat

The positive space is the subject of this image, yet the cut out from the easily recognized bone shape gives the background more meaning. The background cuts into the foreground to create a second subject. This second subject is the ‘invisible’ dog that is holding the bone up. The iconography seen in this design is essential to its understanding. The shapes that create the logo are easily recognized as a dog and bone, which informs the audience that the function of this design is practical, since the design tells the viewer that this business is for pets.

Makrina Oikonomidou’s design for Bone-A-Pet-Treat on a storefront

I found this company’s logo to be a perfect example of ground and space ambiguity. Instead of additionally adding a second subject and color to the logo, the designer simply used negative space so that the viewer can see the dog despite there not actually being a dog here. This logo is more interesting to look at due to the negative space since the background becomes the foreground. If you look closely at the second image, the logo is used at the top of the windows in a pattern. Each version of the logo is slightly different however, because the dog that is created from the background color is given a hair-do that is unique to each repetition.

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