Pattern & Texture: Lauren Campanella

Ron Dexter, Focus Pattern Instruction, 1999.


There’s a difference when it comes to defining pattern and texture, but the two seem to be often linked together in artwork. This photo is great example of how patterns are made up of dots and lines. Patterns can be made up of many things, but this picture in particular is made of black or white line (maybe both) getting thinner and meeting in the center. The direction of this photo flows inward due to the obvious change in shape the lines have. Each line has the same amount of space between them and it is very harsh on the eye due to it’s brightness and dramatic color difference.

In this second piece, there is more of a textured look within the pattern. Lines again are very apparent here and even the horizontal breaks within the wood pieces create an even pattern on each because they are evenly spaced. Looking closely the wood appears very smooth in some areas and rough in others. Texture is something you can touch and feel. Just like a pattern it too can be very pleasing to the eye. In “Point, Line, Plane” it says how texture has many contrasting features such as what’s in this picture: rough/soft. I don’t believe there is a specific direction in this picture. If I could think of anything it would be flowing left to right just because that’s how we read.

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