Final Reflection: Kim Conway

Our final project was to re-design a horrendous menu for a local pub called Paradise Creek Brewing. Our first task was to go to the location and get a feel for what the environment there is like. We went in small groups of 3 to 4 people and took notes and pictures in order to be able to present what we learned about the location to our classmates in a presentation. Once we had heard from all of the groups, and gotten a very good idea about what that place was like, then we were able to split back up and work individually on designing the menus we thought best fit into that environment.

The original terrible menu was consistent of about 30 or so different fonts, 6 or so colors, and there was no real hierarchy to follow on the menu itself making it very hard to scan and find what one is looking for. So in my menu design I wanted that to be different. I wanted a hierarchy that was easily scanned and followed, and I believe that with the design I created it really is easy to follow.


I decided to place the appetizers front and center so that one does not have to scan for them since in my trips to restaurants that is usually the first part of a menu I try to look at. I made the titles the same size, font, and color so they are easily found, and seen when one first looks at it. The title I made the obvious decision to place at the top in large writing. I also made it a different font, one that I thought went nicely with the other fonts I chose, as well as looked like it belonged with the restaurant. I only used 4 different fonts on this design and I believe they all work very well together, as well as it makes the menu easy to follow. I also decided that by having some colors for certain parts of the menu, it would be easy to know which parts of the menu were what. The headings of all the parts of the menu are a dark blue tone like the color I found in the restaurant itself, and a dark red brown for the food items and their prices which is to represent the brown-red color of some of the wood within the building. I think that my menu design has a very clear and easily followed hierarchy, lovely color pallet, and just enough fonts without being overly crazy.

One of my classmates had a sort of similar approach to the project as I did with color pallet and placements of certain items so I chose his to be the other one that I reviewed.

His color pallet used a similar red and blue to it that he placed and used much differently than myself, but I think that it is very well planned so that the colors work with each other, without being obnoxious. The headings are placed center aligned above each section so they are easily found, however I would have made them slightly larger or changed the color to make them more noticeable.  It looks like he used about 3 different fonts, and kept them very consistent throughout the entirety of the menu. His menu is a smaller in size and created as a small book which works well with how he has chosen to use the color scheme, whereas, my menu design was larger in size about 8 1/2 inches by 17 inches and a single page rather than a book because I felt that that was the best design for the amount of food they offer at their restaurant. I think his back page has a nice added touch of an about section where he talked about the pub, and the brewery. I think we took a very similar approach to this assignment, and I believe that it was one that made the menu stand out, as well as match with the place it was meant to reside in.

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