Final Reflection: Sophie Stoltman

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For my final blog entry, I will be comparing my Menu with the one that Whitney Demarest created. I think that our two menus had clear hierarchy and where easy to read. When your eye scans my menu, every section is labeled clearly with a large san serif font that has paragraph space after it. The size and spacing of the different sections makes the different dishes easy to identify. I also used a serif font for the descriptions of the dishes to create contrast and make them easier to read. The prices are separated by a line and bolded so the restaurant’s guest can identify it easily. On Whitney’s menu, she has each section on a different page of the menu. She uses a bold font at the bottom of each page almost like a tab in a binder. Then when you open the menu the hierarchy is established with the use of font size and capital verses lowercase letters. The little food sketches at the top draw your eyes from the bottom label to where the food lists begin.

If anything, the fonts that we both used could be interpreted as maybe too modern for this establishment. I tried to focus on more simplistic fonts since there is already so much stimulation going on when you are in the restaurant. I wanted to include a simple san serif font for the main sections and use a serif font for descriptions to create contrast. Whitney used a more old-fashioned font for the cover and then used san serif for everything else making it look clean and easy to read. I think that the styles we used are appropriate but could have a stronger connection to the theme of the establishment.

For my design, I wanted to keep things straight forward and easy to look at for the wide variety of customers that eat at Paradise Creek. My style is clean and simple. I liked having contrast form the building a little bit while still incorporating their theme and the fact that they make their own beer. I added a hops image above the name of the restaurant and have a hops water mark on the back of the menu. I thought that the menu items themselves had a lot of personality and I wanted them to be the focus of the menu. I liked using lines to separate the princes and sections, helping guide the reader while not being too harsh. Whitney really did an amazing job with her design. The font logo looks worn and the clasp holding things together looks industrial and authentic. The little sketches of food at the top of each page really tie in the decorations in the building and the proses of making beer drawn on the walls.

A color that we both used was brown for ascents and then everything else was black. I chose a glossy finish for my menu because I wanted it to look professional and be on thick card stock. Whitney had a textured front brown cover and the rest was all white. I like the way she organized the whole thing making it small and having different layers to it. Mine is much larger allowing me to have more spacing and make the fonts bigger.

Overall, I think that both of our menus could work for the type of restaurant that Paradise Creek is. I think that adjustments that could be made for mine is making the theme of the menu more connected to the theme of the restaurant. An improvement for Whitney could be making the fonts larger for the older customers that eat at the restaurant during the day.

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