Menu Design: Patricio Orozco

The menu I chose was Come Rico designed by Estudio Yeye. This menu has a pamphlet look to it where is composed of many pages. The cover is laid out in a grid with traditional images of foods. It’s nice and simple to look at. Every single tile is unique and interesting to look at. The colors are limited to at least four colors red, blue, brown, yellow. Each color blends so well with each other making its content visible. They try to grab the customer attention right away from the cover, telling them that there are many food selections to choose from. Then going inside the menu where the food is listed we see that the outline of the page is a bit basic with a standard hierarchy where the main branch food is bold and bigger in size then the rest, then goes off to the platter name with a dotted line that goes to the price, then in a different color the description of what the dish contains. But it’s not all white in the background it does contain some info in the bottom and images throughout the page. Then the text is all from one type face making it easy to read.

Come Rico Menu designed by Estudio Yeye.

Come Rico Menu Cover designed by Estudio Yeye.

Paradise Creek Brewery differs from the one I selected by using a different font for each heading. They did this because they wanted to emphasize that each selection is different and maybe wanted to show which item is better than the others. For example, Pub Pretzel is bigger and bolder than the rest to make it look like it will be something worth getting. The appetizers page is vertically aligned while their entries are horizontally aligned. Horizontally alignment give the menu to show more options than it would if was vertically aligned. What they could have done differently is to give it some colors. If they at least with some fonts a specific color, then it will make it more enjoyable to look at.

About Patricio Orozco

I am 21 years old. I was born in Mexico but came to the United States when I was little to get a better education. I am the youngest in my family as well as being a twin. I am currently studying at WSU! My major in mind is Digital, Technology and Culture, DTC for short. I enjoy playing video games. I am interested in creating my personal drawings either from pencil or digital. I have taken an introductory drawing class at WSU, and that is where I started to get into drawing. I was always been interested in 3D art, or more on the 3D printing designs. What I want to be in the future is digital design or animator.
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