Menu Design: Lillie Williams

I chose to focus on a Vietnamese restaurant’s menu in Waterloo, Australia. The restaurant is elegant and has a calm environment, pictures gave a pleasant presence. This menu does well embodying the theme of the whole restaurant. The menu’s front has a mild pink color that makes it more feminine and formal. The images they chose remind me of Asia as well. Then looking at the inside of the menu it is very uniform. The grid is clear and the menu items are perfectly aligned creating unity. Each item under a different section has the same scale and the section titles are a little bigger, which helps emphasize the name of the section. The bigger font of the section title will grab the audience’s attention. The different lists are also divided by a line and have a larger proximity between the sections distinguishing different categories. The menu items are in a san-serif, round font, which makes it easier for the audience to read since they are in a different language.



Paradise Creek’s menu design is a lot more chaotic than the menu design I talked about in the above paragraph. The Paradise Creek menu is successful in capturing the audience’s attention on some of the items listed such as the, pub pretzel, pasta primavera, and classic half-pounder. These menu items have a greater contrast compared to the other items. However, the numerous variety of fonts, weights, and alignment styles cause confusion to the audience. The audience doesn’t know where to look first and instead of thinking about the food they have to interpret the menu first.

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