Menu Design: Allison Cissna

pint_brothers_PHOTO_01For my menu choice I decided to work with the Pint Brothers menu. This menu does a great job at displaying hierarchy which is “the order of importance within a social group or in a body of text” (Lupton/Phillips). They have clear titles that direct you to what you are searching for like; sandwiches, soups and salads and main meals.The Pint Brothers kept their menu to no more than 3 fonts which is more than enough. Customers tend to get overwhelmed when their are too many fonts because they don’t know what to look at anymore. This menu also has a strict grid system which keeps everything clean and organized in order to be easily navigated.

Paradise Creek’s menu does display hierarchy but not as well as the Pint Brothers menu does. Their fonts seem to be all over the place and in a way seem to enjoy fonts a little too much. Paradise Creek does a good job at being clear and concise and sticks to a single grid on the front, but on the back they do a better job with sticking to a grid and make it a more eye appealing layout for their customers. It could definitely improve in the font category and making things look like they truly belong with their company style. I think they are all over the place and make things very confusing to what I’m even doing at that restaurant.

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