Alphabet Design Proposal: Whitney Demarest

To me, the most important part of my life, and the part that I draw the most inspiration from is my faith. Normally, I try to keep my faith and school work separate because it is a sensitive subject for most, but when thinking of a text that I wanted to serve as my inspiration, I couldn’t think of anything other than the words and truth that I am reminded of daily in the Bible. The Bible is a collection of accounts of Jesus’s life, and  according to wikipedia ranks first among literary works by number of languages and has been translated into at least 2,932 languages.

There are several moods conveyed throughout the bible, but the piece of scripture that I want to focus on for specific inspiration for this project is Psalm 86:11 – “Teach me your way Lord, so that I can walk in your truth.” This verse conveys a mood of encouragement, hope, and guidance.

Psalm 86:11 NIV

The verse makes me feel encouraged, and restored in my purpose of life which is to walk in the truth of our God.

Recently because of this piece of scripture, I have been processing what it means to be given free will by God to live life but also to walk in his path and listen to his plan. I have come to the conclusion that free will is a gift that God loves to bless us with. His plan for us can be explained in the visualization of a river – sometimes the river is really wide, and we can choose from hundreds of different paths that He has laid before us, and other times the river is really narrow and there is one clear path.

Using Psalm 86:11 as inspiration, I wanted to use the imagery of both a wide river and a narrow river.

Psalm 86:11 – Example of thick horizontal lines in each letter


The image on the left serves as part of my inspiration. It is an example of the verse in a cursive font. I liked it particularly for the this horizontal lines that define each letter.




I will use both thick solid lines, and a thin circular path in my alphabet design. So far, the rules I want to establish are as follows:

  1. All horizontal lines (either on the right or left) will use a solid and narrow line – represents the narrow range of choices we sometimes have
  2. All other parts of the letter will use widely staked lines in the shape of circles or half circles – represents the wide range of choices and free will that we are offered.
    1. letters that do not call for any curved lines will have thin straight lines for any part of the letter that isn’t horizontal.
  3. When the center of the formed half circles of circles meet, there will be a filled circle or half circle – represents the truth of god that is found in following his path laid out for your life weather is it narrow of wide at the time.
  4. Will represent a sans serif type.

I have chosen a modular Alphabet partially because I am personally drawn to clean sans serif fonts, and also because I wanted my letters to all be vector based graphics. I will be creating my alphabet using illustrator. I thought about drawing my alphabet and scanning them into illustrator, but I want to maintain a clean aesthetic, and I am pretty fluent in Illustrator, so I am confident that I will be able to achieve what I want to in the amount of time allotted.




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