Type Anatomy: Sophie Stoltman

For the typography analysis, I chose to analyze the biography of Bertha Goudy – First Lady of the Graphic Arts. When you first open the book the text at the top of the title page is very reminiscent of calligraphy and has a very hand drawn feel. The descenders are very short and have very thin and curvy serifs. The period is even shaped more life a diamond adding artistic flair, contrasting the thin ligatures and matching the sharper bowls. This font reminds me of the “John L Scott” realtor signs and the font that company uses.

Under “Bertha S. Goudy” the type changes to a more old style text that is much more simple and classic. The type is all in uppercase letters and has a consistent cap height and baseline. To me the serifs look like tiny halves and wholes of rounded triangles. The different shapes and lines within the letters are tapered and clean cut. This font seams formal to me, maybe this is because it is in an older style.

On another page, we see a gorgeous print of an illustration a home that acts as a chapter header to the section titled “Hingham Interlude”.  This title looks a lot like font on the title page that was in all capital letter but so mean the lines seam thinner and everything is much more spaced out. In the body of the chapter there is an extended cap height with a close following x-height. The font feels a little top heavy making it formal. The base line and descenders are very short and close to the x-height.

(Photos of the Biography Bertha Goudy – First Lady of the Graphic Arts by Bruce Rogers. Published by The Distaff Side in New York in 1958)

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