Type Anatomy: Joshua An

I chose to write about the sign warning people about the cattle thieves and offering a $500 reward. In the words, “CATTLE THIEVES BEWARE”, I thought it was interesting how balanced those letters were. They are all the same height and each stroke has the same amount of thickness. This text was also in red while the rest of the poster is in black. This gives off a sense of urgency and tries to gain the viewer’s attention. All of these letters have the same x-height, baselines, and cap height.

The next line brings up the $500 reward. This also has some height similarities. All of the numbers in “500”, are all the same height. However, the word “REWARD”, is made shorter and has a line above and below it. The cap height and the baselines of the lines do line up with those of the “500”. Another thing to note is that the “$”, is smaller than the “500”. However, it does line up with the cap height of the “500”, but not with the baseline. It also does not seem to have any type of relationship with the x-height. The bottom of the “$”, is between the x-height and the baseline.

The text then changes the typeface it uses when getting into the details. In fact, this poster has a few different typefaces on it. It looks like it changes to a Humanist Sans Serif. It was interesting to me how the poster started with a simple font and then changed to a slightly more complicated one.

My overall view about this poster is that it is straightforward with its message and an extremely comprehensive font.



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