Point, Line, Plane: Jessica Colvin

Sewing pin photo taken in my home.

While working on a sewing project this weekend, I noticed that the process of sewing a garment is made up of points, lines, and planes.  Points, as defined in Graphic Design: The New Basics, mark a single position in a larger field of space.  In sewing, my pins act as points both visually and functionally.  In function the pins anchor planes of fabric together at a single position.  Visually, the bright yellow head of the pin is an easily noticed point.  This is an important design aspect in pins so that they are easily found in your project or on the floor if they get dropped.


Row of pins along a seam-line


In sewing, seams functions as lines because they mark and define the edge where two planes of fabric meet.  In the photo to the right you can see where a row of pin points mark the line where a seam will be made.  This seam will be held together by a line of thread once it is run through the sewing machine.  If we could zoom in enough on the line of stitching we could see how this line is made up many smaller lines.



Two planes of fabric with a seam-line being marked by pins.

My fabric in the image to the left is arranged so we can see how it makes up the two planes that are joined by the seam-line.  If I were able to zoom in close enough, we could see that the fabric is made up of thousands of woven lines of thread.  These lines all stacked together make up the breadth of the fabric which you can then cut into shapes and reform into objects with volume.

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