Texture: Patricio Orozco



Design of my backpack I took a picture of.

In my bedroom deciding what pictures I should take that have texture or even a pattern at the most. Looking around my surroundings for objects with these characteristics when I came across my backpack that I use to carry my supplies to class. It contains a pattern of a logo from a game that I enjoy playing which is the hylian crest from the Legend of Zelda series. The texture itself is made from fabric and you could see where they stitch the fabric in place which gives it a bump. We didn’t really get into color as much but this design has basic grey colors making easy to see the pattern. The pattern itself is linear creating a grid where the images don’t overlap each other.




The plaid shirt I own.

Going through my closet I came across with one of my favorite plaid shirt I owned. What I observed from my shirt is that it is form as a grid consisting of four colors white, black, red, and blue. The colors overlap each other creating interesting colors and patterns. The pattern is repeating throughout all my shirt. You could probably tell from my image that my shirt is wrinkled and hasn’t been ironed at all.




Rubik’s cube that I own.

This was the item I brought to show off to class which is the Rubik’s cube but unfortunately couldn’t show it off. But I did notice that it’s based on matching the colors making patterns. The surface is smooth for people to hold and it moves whenever you turn one of the cubes. Of course, it will be consisting of a grid pattern.



About Patricio Orozco

I am 21 years old. I was born in Mexico but came to the United States when I was little to get a better education. I am the youngest in my family as well as being a twin. I am currently studying at WSU! My major in mind is Digital, Technology and Culture, DTC for short. I enjoy playing video games. I am interested in creating my personal drawings either from pencil or digital. I have taken an introductory drawing class at WSU, and that is where I started to get into drawing. I was always been interested in 3D art, or more on the 3D printing designs. What I want to be in the future is digital design or animator.
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