Texture – Riley Cagle

I searched for patterns as I walked through campus on my way back, but decided to wait until I got home. I wanted to search for things I see everyday and don’t really notice on a regular basis. So I searched for small things and cool designs around my room and house.


Top of old Xbox One

This is a picture of the top of my xbox. I like to look at the difference and contrast in the two sides. The contrast though comes more from the pattern rather than the design. One side is sleek and shiny while the other is more textured and structured which adds a different shade of black for a color. The whole thing looks like a smooth texture, but a sharp pattern. The left side looks layered, like it goes up/down and side/side. It is an appealing design that makes me appreciate its sleekness and patterns that make it look so smooth.


Floor design in my house

The second picture is that of the floor in my house. It’s plastic, but the color and design give it an implication of being a type of wood. I love to look at the design of wood underneath bark. The rounded edges and different shades of brown are very appealing to me. It is interesting to try and imagine the design be more then 2-dimensional. If it were to stand out and come up off the floor, how would the different shades of brown and rounded points turn out looking? The rounded corners of darker brown shades give it a very smooth and sleek look, if it had texture. The brown wood floor design really stands out from the house too. It contrasts with the white walls and the boring designs around the house very well, and gives the house a much better look with the wood design.

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