Texture: Sophie Stoltman

I chose to find examples of texture and pattern around my home here in Pullman. I think that my examples show the complexity of simple things around us and the contrast between organic and man-made texture.

In my image of the blinds I like how the texture is created out of the repetition and simple curve the blinds have. The smooth and shiny texture the plastic has stands out against the blurry background outside of the window. The uniformity of the color within the window also adds to the structured look the blinds create. With each layer of the blinds the separate parts edges slice through the neighboring piece making a pattern of horizontal lines getting closer together as the blinds cascade down to the windowpane.

The next photo I took was of the frayed edge of my roommate’s shorts. I loved how the tightly woven denim contrasted with the frayed and almost organic looking raw edge. The more weathered and washed out edge of the jeans makes the small details and intricate patterns of the denim stand out even more clearly. I think that it is cool how the raw edge that was originally just as tightly knit weathered down over time and started to look more like a natural texture, like hair or grass.

My final photo is of a plant that I keep in my room. I chose to share this image because of the relaxing and beautiful texture that naturally is found in the plants leaves. The leaves look soft and smooth even in a digital format. The edges of the leaves become sharper and more excited looking towards the center, giving off an energy that is happy and exciting. As you look further out to the edge of the plant the leaves are more relaxed and have a calming purple hue to them. The difference between the inner and outer leaves make the overall texture of the plant more interesting, creating movement inwards towards the center of the plant.

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