Texture: Kira Norman

So I chose to take pictures of textures I found in my room. It was interesting to find what was appealing to me visually. The felt fabric and the cork board are not uniformly organized but  for some reason, they almost seem to work better because of that.  In the context of the chapter on Texture in Lupton’s book, Graphic Design: The New Basics, the texture of the physical object this digital image is based on can be seen. The felt material would be soft, which is evident from the loose yarn texture and the soft baby blue color. With the cork material, the roughness of it’s surface is felt in the crowded space. The cork texture was definitely machine made and cut, but the felt material was actually part of an old stuffed animal that was handmade. It’s pretty evident that the material is worn from the loose strands popping up and being tossed around.  I chose these two because they are opposites in terms of what they’re made of and their origins. The harmony in each texture can be seen in the monochromatic nature of the two textures. Both stick to one color but some pieces of the overall image are darker or lighter versions of that color. I would use the cork texture to communicate the image of a classroom or a college bedroom. For the felt material, it would work best for an ad for a crafts store that sells materials for sewing. I also think of a baby’s blanket, so it could also be used to communicate childhood and safety.

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