Archives visit: Noah Martin

The example that I have chosen from our visit to the library archives comes from a 15th century book. This Book is titled “Legenda aurea sanctorum sive Lombaridica historia” A German book written in 1488. The main elements in this book are the text, hand colored illustrations, and illuminated lettering. These illustrations were created by someone placing blobs of color on the page and then using a woodblock or some other printmaking device to create a layer that is the outlines that form the image. You can tell this by how the colors bleed out and are not as uniform as the black outlines. The image in this example is of an angel that is aligned to the left of the page raising its sword about to strike some sort of demon whose bright red contrasting color and center alignment cause it to stand out vs the other demon whose brown coloring causes it to blend into the ground. The other important elements of this piece are the text and illuminated lettering. The illuminated lettering compliments the image nicely because it follows a similar color IMG_0194palette, this is a nice element because it ties the image and text together in another way. Using similar artistic style and color is something that I will use in my poster so that the elements in my poster appear more cohesive and not just cut and pasted on. Another thing that this example has made me think about in my poster in the use of layering, Layering will be important for me because the image I am creating has depth and dimension that layering is essential too. Aside from what I will use in my poster I also simply appreciate the craftsmanship of this book. It’s amazing the level of detail that was captured in this 14th century book and how it continues to inspire mine and others work today.

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