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Page 4 from the graphic novel written by James Neel.

This example from the comic written by James Neel demonstrates a different use of formatting and framing. This example changes my plans for my comic because it provides a better foundation to how I wanted to do my own. With this example now I have a better idea of how I am going to layer all of my images in the comic. I know I am going to layer the images based off the year or time of my life they represent. This is where hierarchy is used to help me create a more concise comic that will demonstrate the exact story I want to tell. I will layer each scan on top of each other based on the year. Then I am going to use some of the scans to format and frame the overall look of the comic; this was described as important during the readings done. Since framing is usually one of the key concepts when it comes to comic I decided to implement it based off of this example. Depending on how I shape or place my scans the framing will be similar to the example. I am doing this so I am able to add all the scans that I want but I want to do it in a way that will make my statement. This example does include text and I am debating on whether to add any to my final draft or just leave the comics’ scans to speak for themselves.

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