Texture: Tristan Moran-Salgado


Pg. 70 of Lynda Berry’s graphic novel “What It Is”

There’s a lot of different kinds of textures in the world and we could touch them to feel the texture the object is or for artists they could draw texture to whatever they are drawing to have the object more detailed. The book “Graphic Design the New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips on pg. 69 states that texture is tactile grain of surfaces and substances that it helps us understand the nature of things. In design elements texture correspond to their visual functions and that texture is both physical and virtual having the viewers of the work could see the texture in the optical effect and representation. Texture adds details to the surface quality of the image and that texture usually lies with its poignant juxtaposition or contrast. Texture can have many variations that could be shown whether it’s generated by hand, computer, code, or camera.

With Lynda Barry’s book “What it is” she had used many kinds of texture to give her drawing more detail but on pg. 70 is what catches my eye in the way she uses texture for that page. She had used hand drawn animals and what looks like abstract plants but there’s also pieces of paper integrated in the page as well. She mainly uses watercolor in the page for her texture so it gives it a drearier look to the page and throughout the book she had used watercolors look. On the page, she had also used textural contrast of the colors in the background to be light while the foreground to be dark and she put many textural spots on certain objects. She does this to bring out the object to make it stand out that seem important so that your eyes could be drawn towards them and this happens in a lot of pages in her book. She made the pieces of paper on this page like it had been crinkled a bit and have torn edges so that the pieces could be seen in the page and not have it blend in to make is seem like the rest of the images bring in another contrast of smooth and crinkled. With all those different textures the way it is visually it seems as though she had drawn this by hand and scanned into a computer for later edits but that’s what I thought by how it looks.

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