Texture: Noah Martin

Texture is “the tactile grain of surfaces and substances” according to Graphic design the new basics. Texture can be created physically and virtually, for example a wood carving has physical texture and a painting of a landscape has virtual texture. My example from page 30 of Lynda Barry’s “what it is” includes illustrations that are an example of how texture is created virtually. This page also has physical texture since it is printed on glossy paper in a physical book. Texture is used to help us understand the nature of an object. For example the illustration of the octopus in the top right corner is surrounded by water, as readers we understand this because the squiggly lines and use of color create a texture that looks like water. Also the octopus itself appears rough due to the use of shading.

IMG_0056This page uses a variety of artistic styles which all create texture in different ways. The 2 birds on the left side of the page appear much more realistic than the octopus, this is because the birds use a larger variety of shades and colors and a higher level of detail. The feathers appear smooth but still somewhat grainy just like real feathers. Other interesting textures in this example are the blue coral in the bottom right corner, the petals of the flower in the top right and the yellow paper background seen throughout the image. This collage of images, and text in a variety of styles has an overall texture that seems like these elements were glued down to a piece of yellow notebook paper. This is an example of surface manipulation.

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