Texture: Leandra Choy


Page 92 from What It Is by Lynda Barry

Texture can be something rough, smooth, or rigid. We can know a texture by mostly how it feels or by sight. In our other textbook Graphic Design The New Basics texture is described as “the tactile grain of surfaces and substances.”From looking at Lynda Barry’s book What It Is, each page is filled or should I say covered in different textures. For example on page 92 what caught my eye as texture were these tiny dots in the background of the page, her drawings of the TVs, and the little animals on the left side and at the bottom of the page. I believe the type of textures Barry uses in this book were concrete and maybe physical texture itself. Concrete texture can be seen through out What It Is with repetitive dots, little short lines, cross hatching, etc. on the little creatures she drew or in the backgrounds. Physical texture that I see in Barry’s book would be the paint dots, ripped paper scraps, paint smears, and different hand writing that occurs on each page. Without texture, each page or images would look bland and washed out or lack some character. I believe Lynda Barry created the artwork for this book by randomly putting together mixed media collages. Her choosing this method of art, making these random mixed media collages, probably ties into her struggle of being creative or imaginative as an adult artist.

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