Texture: Cora Kline

Linda Barry uses texture in several different ways on this page, both in the literal sense, where if we had the original picture we could feel it, and in implied texture, where it wouldn’t have a noticeable physical difference, but looks like it could. There is the literal texture coming from the pieces of paper she ripped and physically glued together. These pieces create a ripped texture with frayed edges giving the edges a soft-looking texture.


“What It Is” by Linda Barry, Pg 88

These pieces of paper are also thick, where if you ran your fingers over the page, you could feel a noticeable difference between them and the page below. There is also larger pieces of paper that are crinkled creating another type of texture.

There is also imagined or implied textures through the painted dots. The little dots created the illusion of a rougher texture while not physically creating such a texture. Linda uses water color paint to create a smooth texture in the lower third of this image, which is in major contrast to the rougher-looking top half of the image.

There is also a textural difference between the hand written words, the computer printed words and the painted images. The pen written words are less solid than the others. The solidness of the lines varies within each stroke, giving a little bit of a rougher texture. Contrast this with the computer printed words which are evenly solid throughout the whole word. The painted images are solid, but have a thickness to them that makes theme seem heavy.

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