Texture: Cass McKay

The example of texture I selected is page 71 from Lynda Barry’s book What It Is!  This book is full of  examples of texture, its really just up to the reader to select one that stands out in their eyes.  This page is a quality example to me because there are many factors almost rising off of the page due to their texture.  The tiny diamonds on the top of the page (as well as behind the bird & the heart) make it look like this page is actually badazzled and not just a copy to be mass produced. They give texture because realistically diamonds have many sides and are not 2-D, so their affect is giving life to this page.    (writing continued below example—–>)

Textureeee.jpgAnother feature of this page that gives it texture is the cutout images, brown treasure chest, heart, stamp, the two geese, blue bird, etc.  These aspects give the page a handmade scrapbooking feeling, like they were just glued on top of this page.  It helps the page come to life and differentciates itself from the writing or background of the page.  The upper half of this page which is the half that looks like it was cut off from a piece of notebook paper also adds texture.  It to looks like it was glued by hand to this page, adding texture because we assume theirs a ledge on its borders.  The tree branches painted on would add no texture if they were just flat on the page but since it crosses from the background to the notebook paper t adds texture by being on varying dimensions.  In conclusion, examples of texture can be found on almost every page of “What It Is” by Lynda Barry, you just have to find one that speaks to your understanding of “texture”.

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