Layers: Noah Martin

IMG_0055Layers are the overlapping components that create something. Layers can be used in many ways such as music, digital art and paintings. Layering can show emphasis or show sequence in an image. In graphic design programs like Photoshop layers are a very important tool. Layers can be independently edited through filters, masks, and other tools. Layers are also very important in print, because images created in programs like photo shop need to be separated into independent layers. For my example I am using page 24 from Lynda Barry’s book “what it is”. This image consists of many different layers, the largest of which is the background image of the rabbit looking out the window. This layer also has layers within itself, through the window the size of the buildings and use of perspective shows depth. Also the light from outside casting shadows in the dark room creates more layers.The text on the page is an example of a “cut and paste” technique. Most of segments of text are all framed in a light color with paper like texture, giving the effect that these sections were literally cut from another piece of paper and glued on. Another section that appears pasted on is the man resembling Abraham Lincoln in the bottom left corner. The combination of different layer styles creates a very visually interesting piece that is a great example of how layers can be used.



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