Layers: Logan Quaranta-Rush



Persepolis pg 11, by Marjane Satrapi, source 

Layers help us depict what is possibly most important from what is not. We understand that what is most important is usually on the top or in front of all the other objects, thus making “crucial to how we both read and produce graphic images today” as said by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Phillips in Graphic design the new basics. In the early twentieth century cubist artist began cutting images and creating collages much like what we see in Linda Barry’s comic what it is on page 87. Linda uses layers to give depth to her art but it differs from our usual understanding of importance in front. The collage of images that she uses seem to be placed with no thought to what should be in front and what behind giving us a disorganized feeling and belief that a small child made this book. While in the comic Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi we see a different approach, an organized approach to the layers. Because of the solid look of the content in this comic organization to the layers is far more needed or else details would get lost and the image would blend together creating a single shape.


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