Layers: Cora Kline

Linda Barry’s image shows layers in several ways. Primarily the image of the deer is layered behind blue shapes, which are implied to be flower petals, and little silver/white dots which could be dew or snowflakes. Another major example of layering is the second image of the deer on the right side of the page. Its framed within a square, creating the illusion that we’re looking through a window and that deer is back at a distance. Linda also creates a vine with flowers by layering different shapes. She layers the branch with flowers and diamond shapes. Each layer in Linda’s book has a different style. Linda uses layers to create depth, interest, and texture.

Contrast this with the image from Noah Van Sciver’s “The Hypo”, which has very few layers. This lack of detail and layering is consistent throughout the book and gives the focus more towards the story. There is some layering with the setting in panels 2 and 4 but most of the images are relatively flat and the few layers there are have the same art style.

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