Layers: Sophia Price

Lynda Barry has perhaps perfected the technique of layering. Her ability to stack images onto of images creates the idea that everything in the page intercepts to get her main point across. On this page, for instance, the background’s soft yellowish color plays into the idea of everything having subtle motion.


From Lynda Barry’s What It Is, page 83.

The layering of the clock outline on top of the background color connects the clock to everything else, including the cut and paste technique she uses by putting certain words on top of the other images. They give these words more meaning. Its easy to see why she would give these words power on the page; the “Go away” phrases show motion within their words. They create an image in the readers mind of the animals running away. She also uses the temporal layering technique by including the words with the images, overlapping them to create a new way of looking at the idea. The layering of the birds on top of other things connects this page to the rest of her book, where the birds always seems to be watching what is happening. By putting them on a top layer its almost as though they are the narrator of the book.  Lynda Barry’s layering technique pushes her collage way of thinking into a visual aspect so that the reader can think more in the way she does.

Other artist, such as Vera Bristol, uses layers to give more scale to her images. This can be seen in her novel Anya’s Ghost. Images of the main character, Anya, are placed in front of images such as desks and computes to place her closer to the reader.


From Vera Brosgol’s Anya’s Ghost, page 146.

She also uses typographic layers to explain how a machine is working while having one of her characters speak. It adds to the movement of the novel. It allows two separate things to be going on within one frame, projecting the story aspect of the novel without taking away from the images on the page.

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