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Page 83. What it is by Lynda Berry

This is page 83 from Lynda Berry’s book What It Is. I chose this page because it really shows the use of a lot of different textures to create the story. The first thing that I want to point out is that at the very top of the page in the blue box it is asking you two questions without having to have a complete sentence. The words “Where Is Your, Mind” all have little white dots in then so it is clear that the beginning of the previous question begins the second question too. Surface Manipulation is also used in this page because the entire background of this page resembles a crinkled piece of paper which can suggest that it might be an old piece of paper. Another term from Graphic Design The New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Phillips is Alphabetic Texture. This concept is used in this page because there are different fonts and hand written sentences to create a feel that this is a collage of things that different people said. for example the the clearly typed words are the questions and the more hand written words are the responses. Also, Physical and Virtual Texture is shown in this page by the green at the bottom of the page resembling grass. Although in Graphic Design The New Basics uses letters to create something in nature this resembles this technique because a series of dots is used to create this grassy plant like feel. These dots also have a sort of 3-D effect which is created by the shading and texture of the dots.

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