Texture: Sophia Price


Lynda Barry’s What It Is, page 42

Texture is a main part of Lynda Barry’s artistic style. Her drawings each are giving a unique feeling, causing the reader to sense how it would feel if her drawings came alive. She creates her drawings in a layering method- one on top of another. It gives the scale of certain images coming at us, while other ones are farther away. I would like to say she draws with pencil, pushing harder and lighter to change the coloring and texture of the page. Her scraps of writing pieces look like they were glued on but then shaded over to take away their harsh corners.

In this page of her book What It Is Barry uses contrasting textures to give each individual drawing their own feel, as they visually compliment each other on the page. The bird’s shading gives you fluffiness of it, manipulating the texture to bring its wings forward. The bunny on the right of the crow has a similar feel- the texture in the ears brings the eye directly to them. Their surface has been manipulated to give it a bumpy view. The vitality of this picture is mixed with the words. The top left text box has combining textures of word- this brings out the physical and virtual texture of the image. It gives the images deeper meaning, while drawing out all the different textures of the words. The textures blend the edges of the paper into the rest of the page. This gives the texture of the images more urgency, and takes away from the harsh texture of the words cut out.

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