Color: Mikah Chan



Page 97 of Monte Beauchamp’s series of comic anthologies titled Blab Vol. 15 (Kitchen Sink Press, 2004).

Within the world of design, color is a powerful tool in building and conveying a message towards an audience to create specific reactions or feelings. Different hues, values, and intensities make similar colors different from each other for specific uses, and relationships within the color wheel (analogous or complements) help to understand how colors interact with each other and why our eyes are drawn to different combinations of colors. The concept of color also incorporates contrast, a way to use different colors together to create an attention-grabbing image that the eye is interested in because of the contrast of colors within an image. This can really be seen in the image selected below from Monte Beauchamp’s Blab Vol. 15. The image uses multiple contrasting colors to bring attention to different elements within the page, which creates a very vibrant and active comic. Many primary colors are used within this text  (blues, reds, and greens) which also act as complementary colors to each other, meaning high contrast. With so many different hues and intensities of the primary colors used, this contrast easily brings the attention of the viewer to the page, and an interesting design choice is made. In such a busy page, it can be implied that these colors that are “fighting” are purposefully used to selectively emphasize each color due to contrast, and use a series of vibrant colors to gain the attention of the viewer rather than using fewer colors on a more plain background to create emphasis.


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