Color: Makenna Coxey


Jimmy Corrigan’s The Smartest Kid on Earth

This is an image from Jimmy Corrigan’s The Smartest Kid on Earth. All of the colors on this page are dull and shades of orange, and green-blue colors except for the little action figure. This particular character is composed of the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. This unique color combination of the whole page creates selective emphasis on the action figure character. Another technique that this page really uses is vibration and value, this is the idea that when one color is paired with another it can create a glowing effect, which is what is done with the bright red hand on a dull background. With the distinct color of the action figure you can clearly tell that in the last frame it is the same action figure character without seeing the whole figure. On this page color creates importance and cohesiveness between frames, so that it is easier for the reader to follow. This page also really shows the value of a color, what I mean by this is that in the frame where is is showing just the house in the bottom left corner you have one color that there is either white or black added to it to create shadows and definition. This technique is also called monochrome, which I think is demonstrated very well in this piece with the colors of the house. This creates your eye to follow what is important, which is the brightest thing on the page. In this piece color is used very intentionally.

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Studies at Washington State University Major: Digital Technologies & Cultures Minor: Business Administration with a focus in Marketing
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