Color: Dave Herman

This page from Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen uses color particularly well. First, I noticed the contrast in saturation and hue between the top three frames and the other frames. The top left frame shows depicts a mostly red palette accented by an additional warm color, yellow. The next frame, now including a man’s foot, turns to blue, featuring many different tones of blue. The top right frame returns to warm colors with the man’s foot splashing in the puddle adding an extra touch of yellow to overpower the red. The bottom four frames, which mostly occur inside, appear much darker and dried out. The first of these frames shows the man entering a sickly green building along with a urban teal sidewalk and a bleak yellow stoop. The next frame, showing with the man entering the door from the inside, juxtapostions the bright yellow of the light pouring in the pitch black room. The next frame shows a dull brown door closing on the man. The man and the rest of what is seen of the inside of the room appears to almost be all the same color. The last slide features the man, now facing the audience, showing all of his colors, which include bright yellow, rusty red, light blue, and dark black. The other man is depicted in shadowy darkness, colored by the light blue again and now purple, which might suggest a different influence driving this particular character.


A page from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s graphic novel Watchmen.

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