Color: Cora Kline


Sandman Vol 2: The Doll’s House by Neil Gaiman, pg 77

This page from “Sandman 2: The Doll’s House” uses colors in interesting ways. Each character is composed of only one or two characters, the exception being the main character of the chapter, Rose. The illustrator only uses two of the three primary colors: yellow and red. For everything else, they use the secondary colors, with different tints and hues to create diversity. The shading for example isn’t done with slightly darker tints of a color. Shading is done in either solid black or in green. The color of the setting varies from panel to panel. However, it remains consistent in that its always darker than the main subject, Rose, but isn’t darker than the black figure. This helps draw the eyes to the characters without being distracted by any background images.

The third panel holds the most color. Rose is shown with her skin being peach, her hair blonde with red streaks, her shirt is green with yellow highlight from an unseen street lamp that she’s standing under. All these contrasted with a solid black background allows the reader to focus on her and remind the audience of her importance.

Color on this page is important from a narrative standpoint. The man who rescues Rose remains in black and white until Rose begins to trust him, which they then are both shown in yellow as they’re walking off together. The same color of each characters implies togetherness and grouping, which separates them from the rest of the world.

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