Color: Emma Garcia

When searching for a comic to use to write this blog post, I decided to go online and find a comic. I ended up finding one through the class website, called But No One Ever Noticed the Walrus by Dani Atkinson, this image shows the cover and the first four frames of the comic.

Within these five frames of the comic, it uses different hues such as the shade of yellow to lighten the background before adding the other colors including red, yellow and green which are complements that create a simpler picture in order to make the words and actions to pop within the comic.  As the book, Graphic Design: The New Basics says the interaction of color is when “colors are mixed in the eye as well as directly on the painter’s palette or the printing press.” Interaction of Color is seen in this image when the author uses lighter shades to allow the darker shades of color to stand out within the image and make it easy on the eye. As each of four other comic frames has tints covering the image to create a more saturated color.

Especially on the cover of the comic, analogous naturals are being seen with the light green and yellow that allows the Walrus and the title to stand out. The wide range of aspects of color helps each of these colors be more muted and can be seen as less saturated and duller. This type of different uses in color creates more for the comic allowing it to stand out in many different ways.


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