Time & Motion: Makenna Coxey

David Boring by Daniel Clowes page 65

David Boring by Daniel Clowes page 65

The image that I chose was from Daniel Clowes David Boring. This book does a really good job of representing motion both from frame to frame to create a picture but also within each frame. I chose this page in particular because within each frame it is clearly showing a fight happening between two people. This page does a really good job with the different frames showing the transition and progression of time, from a simple argument to a fight. Also the way that some of the pictures within the frames are cropped in a particular way to show falling. For example, the bottom right frame the one guy who is punching you can only see his arm and not his fist, but you knew that he just threw a punch because of the angle of his body and arm. However the author also put another indication that this was a punch because of the other guy in the frame appears to be falling, I know this because you can only see one of his arms and part of his head is out of the frame. This page also does a really good job of showing the progression of time with the repetition of the same two people in each frame in different positions each time. You can clearly see that it goes back and forth between the two men progressing further and further from pushing to wrestling,slapping, and then full on punching. Although each one of these is a still two dimensional figure it represents change over time and implied motion very well.


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