Time and Motion: Tristan Moran-Salgado

Talking about Time and Motion the book “Graphic Design the New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Cole Phillips they say that artist work whether it’s a graphic novel or an animation it has motion having it be implied in still images or have literal movement in animations and film. Time and motion are closely related principals that motion is a type of change over a certain amount of time and that many artists try to have their works show representations of motion and the passage of time. There are many ways to represent motion and time as stated in the book like having restless lines or having multiple of the same object having it change in position, rotation, scale, etc. over a matter of frames. Storyboards do show motion over time in each frame that artists use for bringing a concept over a story in each frame for films and they use implied motion to have it work successfully.

On pgs. 108-109 in the graphic novel “The best American comics” by Harvey Pekar and Anne Elizabeth Moore shows a good example of time and motion that we are talking about.  This comic has three lines of panels on each page which shows movement on each line of frames and each line show a certain character. The top line of both pages shows a spit wad hitting a tree and each frame show it change in form as the spit wad transforms into a creature over time and the last frame shows a restless line to show the character bouncing away. The middle line of frames just shows the movement of rabbit riding a creature having it change in position on each frame. The last line of frames shows the second spit wad transformed into a second different creature where it shows a change in form in the first 5 frames and have a change in position in the last frame to show that the creature was moving away from the area where it transformed.


Pg 108-109 “The Best American Comics” By Harvey Pekar and Anne Elizabeth Moore

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