Scale: Logan Quaranta-Rush


Page 15 from Marjane Satrapi comic, Persepolis

With the amount of information that a person gathers every moment an author must use different design techniques to focus the viewer’s attention to what is happening on a single piece of paper or screen. One of these ways is by scaling larger, relative information, that is information that the author wishes the viewer to understand. Using an example from the Comic Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, on page 15 we are introduced to a new format of frames. Much different from the three by three as we have been seeing previously, instead we are given only two pictures. The first, a short but wide image zoomed out showing the chaos outside the movie theater. The second, a large image taking up almost the entire page, a closer image bringing the viewer in and showing them the fear and destruction happening. With these images we see the contrast of something that is scaled up and made to seem even larger when it is next to something smaller, even though the smaller image is still 3 times the size of the normal frames.

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