Matthew Donald: Point, Line, Plane


Image taken from “March: Book Two” by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell 

This image here has several points, lines, and planes. The word ‘MARCH’ is a point and a plane. It is a point because it is placed dead center of the page and is the first thing you look at when you see the image. The words in ‘March’ forma plane throughout the center of the page as well, due to the fact that the letters form a line with breadth and direction.

The way ‘March’ and ‘Book Two’ are positioned creates a set of lines. According to the book “Graphic Design the New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips, designers use different arrangements of words build line segments that create unique and interesting typographic shapes. To do this, artists use font size and alignment; which you can clearly see in this photo with the words ‘Book Two’ in smaller font and aligned to the right edge of the word above.

Above and below the title phrase in the middle of the image there are two planes delineated by the third plane which is the backdrop for the title. The two edges of the top and bottom planes in the image are the same two edges that create the shape of the plane that sits behind the title.

There is also a clear usage by the artist of linear perspective in this image. If you take a look at the pond in the image you can see that an optical distortion has been created by the way the angle of the vertical edges of the pond recede. This gives viewer the perspective of the individual standing at the podium. This design is creative and balanced because of the even flow and contrast throughout it, as well as the presence of point, plane, and scale techniques.


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