Framing: Conor Reich


I found the short comic above while researching the importance of framing in comics. I absolutely love this comic as it highlights the importance and significance frames add to an image. The frames in the comic above are fairly standard until the last panel in which their are actually two frames. The comic is illustrated to portray the message that no matter what lies inside the frame, the simple act of framing emboldens whatever is housed within. I like this comic because it also emphasis the dedication illustrators put in to their work. No frame is wasted or unnecessary as each one should serve to capture a moment.

While researching I came across the notion of rhetorical frames which is a technique of framing which scales the image to the frame. Rhetorical framing allows the reader to see exactly what the illustrator wants them too. If the comic were to end without the last panel we may not even notice the broken frame lying at the bottom right hand corner of panel two. Rhetorical framing allows the reader the opportunity to witness each every important action in a sequence of events from start to finish.

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