Scaling: Cora Kline



Little Nemo 1905-1914 by Winsor McCay, pg 240

The comic from Little Nemo deals with scaling in several different ways.  Initially the flowers they’re going to explore are tiny on the page, the reader can barely register them. Then on the fourth panel, they’re larger, and about the same size they would be in real life. This creates the illusion that the characters are close to them.  However, in the very next panel we see the character’s ship among the flowers and the “actual” flower size is larger than a person.


The moon itself is also cropped.  In the first panel the moon can fit almost entirely in the panel. The next panel, we see only about one quarter of the moon. The panel after that shows the moon taking up the entire bottom but the curve is much more gentle than in the previous panels. This progression shows the moon getting closer to the characters and, in turn, the readers.

Throughout every panel that features the characters, they stay about the same size. However, when contrasting the characters with the objects around them as well as the size of the panels, the characters seem either smaller or larger. In the second, fourth, and sixth panels, the characters are approximately one half the height of the panel. However, in panels seven through nine, the characters only take up one third to one quarter of the panel, even though their literal printed height is about the same size as before. With more space around the characters, the characters seem smaller.

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