Scale: Eva Guillen


Pages 54 & 55 from the graphic novel The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

In this example from the graphic novel The Principles of Uncertainty there is a great demonstration of scaling. The image on page 54 looks to be scaled so that it fits the whole page. While on page 55 the image looks to be scaled in a certain size so that it can fit between the text. Objective, like stated in the book “Graphic Design The New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips is about the dimensions of the physical object a representation of the object and what it might show. Subjective is a focus on the size of the object which is again talked about in the same book as mentioned before. My example can show how a contrast of scale can make an image more meaningful. Page 55 of my example does a great job of showing how the scaled imaged draws the eye of the reader to center and gives the impression of the importance of the image. This is especially shown and made present against the white background and the surrounding text. I also believe that page 54 of my example can show how scale can be relative, the scaling done in this image is fit to the entire page making the image appear large. Making the scaled image in page 54 be visually dynamic compared to the next page, due to the scaled image being the background instead of the center. Scale helps imply movement because as an object is scaled bigger in different scenes, a reader or viewer can assume that the object is getting closer. Or as an object is scaled to become smaller in a comic strip it can be assumed that the object is moving further. Therefore scaling makes an impact on the importance of an image, the movement, whether its relative or contrast.

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