Scale: Emma Garcia

Scale is considered to be objective and subjective which refers to the dimensions of the


Pg. 128-129 The Nearsighted Monkey Book Picture This By Lynda Barry

images and the correlation they have between what the picture is meant to be and the correlation of the image and the actual depiction of the image.  In this image from Lynda Barry’s graphic novel, The Nearsighted Monkey Picture This, she has both pages full of frames with small images inside of them that look as though they were drawn with pen and paper. This presents the aspect of depth and movement because of the details in each of the pictures and the actions they are representing. In each frame, the images are depicting something different. Depth is seen because the frame brings more details to the overall page showing how the images could be larger in reality. Lynda Barry presents scale in how she decided to place the images in their own frame at a specific size, this helped the images to move off the page. This shows how scale can be relative because the images are smaller than they appear but the elements surrounding them are much larger. In the book, Graphic Design: The New Basics it says that “scale is a verb” meaning that when you scale a graphic element the dimensions should change along with the image not just one aspect. This is seen in the example by Lynda Barry on both pages because she frames all the drawings and fits them with the correct dimensions into the frames within the page. Scale impacts an image in many ways, in this example, it presents contrast by using black and white drawings that fit into the frames.



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