Javin Nash – Scale



What It Is page 44 by Lynda Barry

From my understanding scale can be subjective and objective. Subjectively scales reflects one person’s impression of an object’s true size. For an example on page 44 in What It Is there is a black crow that almost fills the page to stress the importance and true size of a crow. This imagery is the crow’s profile view and is close enough to the crow and it’s nut that you feel as if the actual crow is right in front of you (perspective of my own body). Also the crows placement is important for this particular page because had this same image of the crow been further back in the distance the intended audience might feel differently about the actual size of a crow and predicted that crows are smaller in person. Objectively scales are related to a representation and the real thing it depicts. For an example the nut that is in front of the crow is scaled objectively because that is about the actual size of that kind of nut and it is not just my perspective of what a nut might look like

The crows size is a contrast of scale because it seems big because it forms beyond the frame of the initial picture but also gives us a sense of depth. It does not look as if the crow is moving and is sitting still which expresses a sense of importance because most birds fly away when you get too close to them. So I wonder why the Illustrator made the crow seem close and still/brave.

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